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  • Check out our award-winning articles and design
    Last month at the annual PMA conference, the DFWChild family was honored with 23 awards. 
  • Where Kids Can Watch Food Being Made
    Let your little ones live out their Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory fantasies by visiting a nearby store, farm or other foodie workshop. 
  • A medical mystery that turns a child’s life — and yours — upside down
    Without clear criteria to diagnose PANDAS and PANS and without a single, standardized lab test for doctors to use, controversy continues to surround the very existence of PANDAS and PANS.
  • Tips to Help Kids be Kind
    As parents, we’ve probably said, “Play nicely” or “Be sweet to your brother.” Undoubtedly, we want to raise kind, thoughtful, compassionate kids, right? But can kindness be taught?
  • Luxe Stationary Founder and The Bachelor Alumna
    Last year, she welcomed her first child, 6-month-old Samuel, and launched LoweCo., a luxury stationary brand.
  • Failings in Education, Child Welfare, Special Education and Mental Health
    The future doesn't look super bright for many of Texas' children, but you — yes, you! can make a difference. 
  • The Family Guide To Everything
    From birthing centers to golf lessons and Montessori schools, our phonebook-style directory has every local resource you need to raise your family. 
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Find a doctor, dentist or wellness professional nominated by fellow moms.
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Lauren Renfrow's luminous University Park home.

Getting around can be tricky, especially when car seats, strollers, street parking and construction are involved.

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