Attractions: Frisco Discovery Center / Save the planet and the butterflies at two new

Elizabeth Smith
Courtesy of Sci-Tech Discovery Center
July 6, 2013
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Frisco Discovery Center
8004 N. Dallas Pkwy., Frisco
Parking: Free

Plan a trip with the family on just the right day and you’ll see the Frisco Discovery Center morph into an epicenter of kid-friendly fun. Catch a children’s musical or improv comedy act inside the Black Box Theatre, or play with the interactive and scientific exhibits inside the Sci-Tech Discovery Center. And there are two new exhibits at the Frisco Discovery Center that will entertain and educate the kids on the wonders of nature and how they can help restore it.
Super Kids Save the World
Hours: 10am–5pm Tue–Fri; 10am–6pm Sat; 12–6pm Sun.
Super Kids Save the World exhibit: June 8–September 1
Admission: $7 adults and children 3 and older.

Newsflash: Saving the world doesn’t always mean catching a speeding train or hurling a bomb into space a la Superman. It’s as easy as dropping that empty can of green beans into the recycling bin. Your child can play the part of superhero with a mind for the environment at the Sci-Tech Discovery Center, located inside the Frisco Discovery Center, with its new exhibit Super Kids Save the World, on display June 8–September 1.
Things to do at Super Kids Save the World:
1. The exhibit is based on the children’s book George Saves the World by Lunchtime and shows kids how to “go green” with activities like working in the exhibit’s miniature farmers market.
2. Get superhero training in the oft-repeated “reduce, reuse and recycle” mantra but with an additional “R.” Kids will repair discarded toys and household items to use in different ways, starting with turning an old tablecloth into a cape.
3. All the kids will wear capes and other costumes at each activity station. The first 100 kids to show up on opening day will get a free cape to take home.
4. Look for collection dates throughout the summer to bring your recyclable materials.
5. Don’t drive home without first plugging the electric power cord into the Smart car parked inside the center. Check out its gauges to learn about electric- versus gasoline-powered cars.
Pavilion of Butterflies
Hours: Open 10am–5pm from June 7–17.
Admission: $6 adults; $5 for ages 13–17; $4 for ages 3–12.

If your young learners need more motivation for saving the planet, try also admiring the beauty of a creature that could directly benefit from a flourishing habitat. More than 1,000 butterflies and moths native to Texas and other parts of North America will be on display in the Pavilion of Butterflies, an outdoor, walk-through exhibit located on the lawn outside the Frisco Discovery Center from June 7–17.
Things to do at the Pavilion of Butterflies:
1. See more than 40 species including giant swallowtails, black swallowtails and American painted ladies at each stage in the life cycle – from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly. Stand still under the enclosed tent to let the butterflies land on your shoulders, or bribe them to come closer with provided orange slices.
2. Eat breakfast with the butterflies – butterfly-shaped pancakes and waffles – on Saturdays during the butterfly exhibit from 9–10:30am. Meal tickets include admission.
3. Get stamps for spotting things such as the tiny eggs hidden on a leaf to complete your scavenger hunt.
4. On your way out of the exhibit, pick up a booklet to learn how environmental effects have caused a decline in the native butterfly population as well as for tips on attracting them with your own butterfly garden. Daring to help save the butterflies and the planet? Now that’s heroic.

Published June 2013


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