Mom: Sam Stewart / A fashion blogger talks about adopting baby No. 2

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March 28, 2017
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Sam Stewart wears many hats — more than just the trendy sun hats she models on her blog, Style of Sam, which reaches more than 24,000 readers. The Fort Worth style maven, 40, is also a part-time pharmacist at John Peter Smith Hospital and a mom of two: Matthew, 3 ½, and Mia, 8 months, both adopted through nonprofit agency Hope Cottage. Sam and Don, her husband of 14 years, finalized Mia’s adoption in January.

Did you always want children?
Yes, I’ve always wanted children — we just ran into a lot of trouble having them. We struggled with infertility, and it took us over seven years to do all of the fertility stuff. By my last surgery, I knew I was ready to start the adoption process.
Did you get to choose the gender?
For both of our adoptions, we were open to either a boy or a girl. Deciding to be surprised made the experience similar to a regular pregnancy — you don’t know what you’re going to get! Because we had a boy the first time, we just assumed we’d have another boy. When we got the call for a little girl, we were shocked and excited.
What’s been the biggest adjustment with adding Mia to your family?
I was really worried about splitting our love between two kids. I couldn’t understand it until I had Mia, but there’s more than enough love to go around. I love Matthew and Mia so differently.
Any changes in your parenting philosophy now that you have two?
I’m a lot more laid-back. With the first one, you worry, “Is he breathing?” But with the second, you realize that you can do it and you really don’t need to fret about the little things, because in the big picture, the brand of baby food really doesn’t matter.
When did you start blogging?  
All of my friends had children and they blogged about it. They encouraged me to blog about my struggle with infertility and IVF, but I didn’t feel comfortable publishing that for the whole world to read. The original name of my blog was My Friends Want Me To Blog. My friends always complimented my style, so I decided to focus on that. Then it changed to Inside My Closet. But I didn’t take it very seriously; I’d take pictures with a self-timing camera.
Now your blog is very intentional — did your mindset change?
About four years ago, I changed the name to Style of Sam and started devoting more energy towards the blog. At the time, I was undergoing more intense fertility treatments and started working only part time, so it was a good way to use extra time.
How has growing your family affected your marriage?
When we got Matthew, it was hard. My husband wasn’t used to sharing me, and he thought that things would go back to normal after six weeks. So the second time around, we talked about expectations. It’s nice because there’s a one-to-one ratio of kids to parents, but it’s also a challenge because we each put a child to bed, and by the time we are together it’s late and we’re tired. I have a lot of mom guilt about leaving my kids, so date night is hard. But I would like to set a date time — we miss each other and miss hanging out all the time.
What advice do you have for moms adding to their brood?
I’m not the best at following this, but give yourself some grace. There’s more than just being a mom going on, and it’s so easy to overextend yourself.
Do you have plans to expand the family further?
I think we’re done. My husband is so in love with Mia — he keeps asking, “Are you sure we’re done?” But I’m 40 and I’m tired! 

Sam's Mommy Must-Haves

1. My diaper bag is a Louis Vuitton Neverfull that Don got for me as an adoption present.
2. iPad — yes, electronic babysitting is real (in moderation).
3. IKEA TROFAST Storage Shelf and Boxes and 3 Sprouts Storage Bins
4. I’ll See You in the Morning by Mike Jolley and Mique Moriuchi is a favorite with the kids.
5. My go-to snacks are apple slices for Matthew and Barney Almond Butter Snack Packs for me.
6. Multi-sticks by ILIA Beauty and W3LL PEOPLE can be used as eye shadow, blush and lipstick — it’s the best!
7. Tommie Tippee Perfect Prep Machine — my mom got it for me and it is awesome.
8. Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair
9. For going out to eat with the kids, we love Fireside Pies, Pho District on West 7th and Torchy’s Tacos.


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