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December 29, 2008
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For a woman who’s best known for her closet (she founded The FASHIONISTAS, after all), Heidi Dillon’s home certainly holds its own. Step into the Turtle Creek fortress, and you’ll be greeted by a comfortable setting that boasts modern, California-inspired design and a magnificent view. The three-story abode serves as a family hideout, fashion headquarters and entertaining mecca.

Custom created by architect Frank Welch, the residence employs a minimalist attitude – one that Dillon appreciates. Enter the first floor, and guests will immediately note the lack of clutter and the ambiance of skillfully placed artwork. “It’s not common for a house to have the living space located on elevated levels,” explains Dillon, as we make our way up the home’s staircase. “We went against the advice of others and built our main living space on the third floor, so we do a lot of stair climbing.”

And, despite what you might think, the multi-layered home functions fantastically for the family of three. Hidden upstairs in the Dillons’ urban tree house is a second-story pool deck that backs up to the Katy Trail. The home office of husband Bill, an administrator and professor at Southern Methodist University, can be found just steps away from the staircase. An elongated hallway leads back to the master suite (and Dillon’s beloved closet), as well as the library and 11-year-old son Dallas’ room.

“Our favorite space in the house is the library, which serves as a family room [located on the second floor]. It’s in this room that we watch movies every Friday and just enjoy time together at home,” Dillon says, adding that it’s the only room where she permits “clutter” (a mélange of framed family photos and books).

Then there is the main landing pad, home to an expansive kitchen, dining area, wet bar, wraparound outdoor patio and cozy sitting room – the perfect combination for the trio’s frequent entertaining schedule. The upstairs space serves as Dillon’s office, the mom explains, pointing out her mobile laptop and saying, “I do love to get dressed up and go out, but I typically work here at home in sweats.”

The towering haven hosts more than a handful of original art pieces. Dillon’s favorite, soft sculptures of garments made from plastic by artist James Gilbert (shown on previous page), hangs in what she deems her “at-home sanctuary” – the sitting area adjacent to the stairwell. “This spot is so comfortable and it’s got the best view in the house. And, these sculptures strike a chord with me, because they represent my love of fashion,” she details.

When the mom of one isn’t planning an up-and-coming event for her nonprofit, Dillon is likely playing host to fashionable friends at home. And, son Dallas doesn’t seem to mind – the youngster often presides over slumber parties in his downstairs lair. The fifth grader has developed his own love for fashion after spending quality time with his mom (while shopping, of course!). When the duo finds a second to rest after a day’s work, the mother-son team likes to hang out and play games.

The kitchen – where Dillon “makes things … I wouldn’t go so far as to call it cooking,” she laughs – boasts the largest surface area of Bulthaup cabinetry in North America. Her comical sidekick, Dallas, says that he likes to do the majority of the cooking, pointing out the family’s most-used kitchen tool: a George Foreman Grill.

The family residence exudes the characteristics of its occupants: stylish modern design with kid-friendly surfaces, like easy to clean hardwood floors and stainless steel. “We feel so at home here as a family,” says Dillon. “My childhood home was the center of my life. I’m glad that we have a space that we can share together and with others.”


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