Alison Hardin Playground at Jo Kelly School / Review and Safety Rating

Carla Solórzano
August 11, 2015
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Location: 201 N Bailey Ave., Fort Worth

Why it’s noteworthy: This barrier-free playground was designed for the medically fragile students at Jo Kelly School but is open to all. There are a lot of cool features designed for kids with special needs, but one of the most interesting is the wheelchair swing, which allows a child to rock back and forth without having to be removed from his or her chair.

Extras: Cool off under the shade at the adjoining Eli Bradford Garden of Angels.

Safety: Alison Hardin Playground scored an A* on the Safety Report Card. Getting to the playground from the parking lot may be difficult in a wheelchair — you’ll have to go inside the school to get access to the paved trail. Otherwise you’ll have to navigate the hill upon which the playground sits.
+ Highly specialized equipment for kids with special needs
- Hard to get to playground
- No area for children ages 2–5
Overall grade: 3/5 stars


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