EscapeeJays / Pajamas Kids Can't Take Off

Christi B. Steckel
Courtesy of EscapeeJays
February 2012 in
FortWorthChild, NorthTexasChild
July 17, 2012
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No, he couldn’t have. Oh yes he did! Your toddler took off his pajamas – and his diaper – and is staring up from his crib with a big look-what-I-did grin. This scenario is more common than you think, but thanks to a single guy from Fort Worth, your kids’ nudist days are over. Paul Stoneham kept hearing from friends and his sister with triplets about their little escape-artist kids getting out of their pajamas at night, and it wasn’t pretty. He did some research and discovered there weren’t many options and that doctors were even recommending using duct tape to keep their kids’ clothes on. Duct tape! There had to be a better way, so Stoneham developed comfortable, soft pajamas called EscapeeJays that zip up the back with a special design that restricts toddlers from pulling their arms though the sleeves. Sizes are 12 months to 2T and come in a variety of fashionable color combos.



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