Giles, Amy-CNM, MSN

Allen Birthing Center
406 Main Street
Allen, TX 75013
Phone: 972/562-1000

Amy has a genuineness about her that I have not seen in any other midwife.  She is very loving and compassionate.  Her love and care that she gives her clients is very refreshing.
-Becky, McKinney

Amy is always there for her patients. She goes out of her way to give people the birth that they want.
-Josie, Little Elm

Amy took a lot of time at each appointment to make sure all my questions were answered. She treats me like a person, a friend. My wishes were respected. She validated my feelings when I cried about my concerns, handing me tissues and hugs, and then gently talking in detail to help ease my fears. She included the whole family. It was empowering to go through pregnancy and birth and be treated with respect and dignity. Her belief in me increased my belief in myself. I wish all women this great experience.
-Wendy, Allen

Amy is the one and only reason I was able to have my natural child birth I always dreamt of. She had many opportunities to speed things along and she was so patient with me. At one point she sent my husband to rest and encouraged me to rest since I'd been in labor for so long. She sat at the side of my tub and rubbed my back while I slept between contractions for hours. She's not just a midwife. She is a member of her patients families through their births.
-Sarah, Allen


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