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  • 13 Reasons To Get Out of the House Nov. 2426
    Happy Thanksgiving! With all your family and friends in town for the holiday, this weekend is the opportune time for a big family outing. Check out our picks for Dallas-Fort Worth’s most magical entertainment this weekend including drive-through and walk-through lighting festivals, an ice skating Santa and Disney princesses, and live reindeer.
  • A kid-friendly tour retracing President Kennedy's steps through North Texas
    Relive history and teach your kids about North Texas' role in President Kennedy's last day alive.
  • How to determine which puppy breed is a match for your family
    Before you place that puppy under the tree, read on to find out which breed fits your family's lifestyle. 
  • Homelessness is growing in North Texas. How to help these families in their time of need
    Often times, families without a home are living, studying and working among us. What you can do to help our neightbors get back on their feet. 
  • Avoid hearing "I'm bored" while the kids are off from school
    Where to keep idle minds active during holiday break
  • Register for free student workshops and parent seminar

    Read on for top tips on how to prepare your child for the STAAR tests, and learn how to make your child a fearless test-taker.

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