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  • Why families are fighting to legalize medical marijuana in Texas
    There's relief out there for suffering kids. Problem is, it's against the law. DallasChild investigates the plight of families fighting for legalization of medical marijuana for Texas minors.
  • Small ways you can fight the big problem of pollution in North Texas
    The most worrisome air-quality culprit is ground-level ozone, formed when pollutants bake under the North Texas sun.
  • Is keeping secrets ever a good parenting tactic?
    “Hey, I just thought you should know that the Smiths [alias] are filing for divorce,” my friend whispered on the sly, as the carpool crew (two of whom were Smiths) scrambled into my car after soccer practice. “They aren’t telling the kids.” I barely had a response. If my friend is telling me, then others know too. Which made it hard to imagine those kids not knowing.
  • How the American sugar epidemic is making children overweight
    Remember Joe Camel (aka Old Joe)? Back in the late ’80s, the cartoon mascot for Camel cigarettes sparked a decade-long controversy. Experts charged that the smoking character encouraged youth to purchase Camel cigarettes, leading to a 66-fold increase in sales among teenagers.
  • Growing up in the shadow of high-achieving parents
    "I looked down and noticed bloodied cuticles," recalls Sarah Casey. She had just picked up her seventh-grade daughter, McKenna, the oldest of her three kids, from school.
  • Do kids really need sports drinks?
    We enlisted area professionals to help us weed out the hype from the hysteria as we queried: Do kids really need sports drinks?
  • The best local resources for new moms and babies
    You’re finally over the shock of seeing those double blue lines. Now what? Start by perusing this handy guide to the absolute best of the best for Dallas-Fort Worth moms and babies. Local moms voted on their favorites for everything from baby-sitting sources to childbirth classes and we tallied the results. From the best class for tiny swimmers to the best baby-clothing boutique, it’s all here in our Best for Moms and Babies 2015.
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