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  • Dallas-Fort Worth Teachers Share their Best Tips for Summer Learning
    According to the National Summer Learning Association, children can lose the equivalent of two months of reading and math skills over the summer months, leaving them at a disadvantage when school begins again in the fall.
  • To drink or not to drink around the kids
    Whether in favor of drinking around your kids or not, honesty and personal integrity on the part of parents is vital.
  • What you can learn from the grassroots movement to lower the preschool expulsion rate in North Texas
    Technically preschool expulsion isn’t legal in our state public schools, so what happens when a student is released from the program?
  • 31 Quirky Adventures to Experience with Your Family This Summer
    Take advantage of the two-month sabbatical from school, and start living life to the fullest with your kids. Mark off all 31 of these “I never thought I’d do that” experiences to make it a summer they’ll never forget. 
  • Could synthetic food dyes be affecting your child?
    Somewhere along the line, that need for visual stimulation flowed over into the production of our food supply. Now, not only does food have to taste good, but it has to be as colorful as the mobile over your child’s crib.
  • Ever feel like you’re not a great parent? Why we feel guilty, and effective ways to get off our own back.
    Within hours of giving birth to my daughter Genevieve last August, I took to Facebook to announce her arrival. The post read, “So in love.” It was a lie I felt obligated to tell. The truth? How could I be in love? I barely knew her. 
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We’ve compiled the best outdoor educational adventures to help your little tadpole learn more about birds, b

A zip line, eco-adventure tour at Cypress Valley Canopy Tours in Spicewood, Texas is perfect family fun.

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