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  • Small ways you can fight the big problem of pollution in North Texas
    The most worrisome air-quality culprit is ground-level ozone, formed when pollutants bake under the North Texas sun.
  • Ever feel like you’re not a great parent? Why we feel guilty, and effective ways to get off our own back.
    Within hours of giving birth to my daughter Genevieve last August, I took to Facebook to announce her arrival. The post read, “So in love.” It was a lie I felt obligated to tell. The truth? How could I be in love? I barely knew her. 
  • Why families are fighting to legalize medical marijuana in Texas
    There's relief out there for suffering kids. Problem is, it's against the law. DallasChild investigates the plight of families fighting for legalization of medical marijuana for Texas minors.
  • Are gift registries for kids a convenience or corruption?
    Who would have thought that bringing that same convenience to kids’ birthday parties could create such heated discourse? We spoke to parents, store owners and even a local psychologist to get opinions on this emerging trend.
  • Where to Have a Baby Dallas-Style
    Labor and deliver in Big D’s signature manner of luxury. We asked area hospitals to share what makes their L&D and postpartum rooms some of the best around. 
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