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  • Fun camps for your kids to enjoy this spring break
    Keep your kids busy, learning and having fun this spring break at one of the many camps in the DFW area. Camps range from science and nature, the arts, sports and even cooking! 
  • 13 Reasons to Get Out of the House Thursday–Sunday
    This weekend get a head start on planning your family’s epic summer by joining one of our two back-to-back events, DFWChild’s Best Summer Ever in Dallas and Fort Worth. Let the kids enjoy free fun while you check out camp offerings and plan your family vacation. And be sure to carve out time for extra family-friendly entertainment around DFW, including the Dallas Arboretum’s Blooms festival.
  • Is hand sanitizer or traditional hand washing more effective?
    Pediatricians weigh in on the differences between hand sanitizers and soaps, including what is more effective when it comes to preventing sicknesses.
  • The results of our 2018 reader survey
    You voted and we found out why you voted these hospitals, doulas, midwives and classes the best around town for you and your new baby. 
  • Are North Texas children safe from school shooters?
    Sadly, we're revisiting our 2014 article. Plus, updates on the latest gun control legislation in the Lone Star state. 
  • Flu season is well underway!
    When to call your pediatrician, and when to make your way to the ER.
  • Samantha Davies spills on motherhood
    The self-professed science geek talks about the event that piqued her interest in meteorology, what it's like going from one child to two and what time she wakes up in the morning (it's beyond early!). 
  • Learning how to talk to each other is paramount for families
    Strong, healthy families—and in turn, healthy communities—are built on a foundation of truly connected communication. Are you ensuring you thrive?
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The winners of our 2018 reader survey revealed!
Before you give into your kids' cries for a dog, take our quiz to find out which breed is right for your family.
With Dr. Regina Crone’s wisdom, we’ve rounded up 5 things that make a Montessori education unique. 
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Cool off on the slopes and warm up in the hot springs at this Rocky Mountain Resort 

A Q&A with the Co-Founders of Paper for Water

Make new friends via two apps for busy moms

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